Thursday, September 04, 2008

OH NO!!!!!!!!!

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SCARBOROUGH: She’s only, she’s only been a governor for one year?

BUCHANAN: She’s been a governor one-and-a-half years, yeah.

SCARBOROUGH: That, that will not work. [Laughter] No seriously, you’re going to bring somebody from Alaska who’s been a governor — Let’s be honest here. [!!!!] … I just find it hard to believe that with the problems that we have across the world…that you’re going to have a governor that’s been there for one-and-a-half years as Vice President.
BUCHANAN: Maybe she doesn’t have the foreign policy experience to be president now. But she’s a great asset, and she’s not DC, so they want to kill her. They are trying to destroy her in a way. […]

SCARBOROUGH: How can Barack Obama’s campaign criticize an inexperienced number two on the Republican side when Democrats have picked, I would say, probably the most inexperienced person to run for President of the United States in the Democratic party probably in a century?
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