Friday, September 05, 2008

Oozing hypocrisy

Uh, Dr. Reynolds, I'd get that checked if I were you. Open, oozing sores may be a sign of infection.

John Mark Reynolds: God Save Sarah Palin! - On Faith at
When traditional Christians vote for Palin, as I will, they are not being inconsistent. They are, in fact, being true to the best part of their heritage. This heritage helped liberate women without denying distinctions between the sexes.
What did I tell you? It's the womb babies, stupid! Sarah Palin can control the country's government but not her own body. She can be the leader of the free world but not of the Knoxville Baptist Church. (In fairness, Dr. Reynolds has no problem with a woman running a church's finances, but he gets a bit uneasy when it comes to one in the pulpit.)

I'll give Dr. Reynolds one thing, though - he's very modern for a traditionalist. Post-modern, even. He obviously understands re-branding, as in "changing what a thing is simply by changing its name." To say there is "no inconsistency" in supporting a woman in charge of the country while opposing her right to decide what to do with her own body is neologism - the theologically correct word for "re-branding" - at its best (or worst).

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