Wednesday, September 03, 2008

S'io credesse che mia risposta fosse a persona che mai tornasse al mondo...

Registered Republicans take note: A vote for McCain is a vote cast into the swirling, chaotic, infernal vortex that is the anti-rational, "faith-based" black hole of post-modern Republican unreality. Case in point: fully 80% of Americans think we're off course, yet "issues don't matter." Perhaps they don't to brain-dead GOP drones, but they do to most of us, and that includes the vast majority of YOU, my Republican friends. And that goes for you die-hard PUMAs as well. Assuming any of you ever read any of this.

I can't shake the uneasy, creeping dread that McCain and company will somehow pull an elephant out of the hat and win this thing through a combination of lies, racism, sexism, more lies, smears, bullshit, bluster, lots more lies, media sycophancy, outright bribery, disinformation, and the usual GOP voter suppression tricks. If that happens, we're all fucked. Royally. Worse yet, if McCain up and dies (not unlikely - just ask the actuaries), we'll have full frontal dominionism in the Oval Office, brought to you by none other than Alaska's former Miss Congeniality (!!!), Sarah "Barracuda" Palin. Picture it if you can - Book-burning scourge of librarians who stock their shelves with books with dirty words in them. Petty, vindictive politician with no scruples against abusing power for personal ends. Commander in Chief of our Christianist-infected military with a phalanx of young footsoldiers ("Joel's Army") ready and willing to lay down some lead to wipe out "Satan's Seed" (read: the rest of us). With her hands on the levers of power. Her freshly manicured finger on the nuclear trigger. Religious Jihad launched by the United States. Economic collapse. Global thermonuclear war. Dogs and cats, living together - mass hysteria!

Remember: Actions have consequences. You all fucked up big time the last two presidential elections. Three strikes and we're out. All of us.

The Republicans Tonight - Swampland - TIME
But the most striking thing about the evening was what was missing: even the slightest wisp of substance. Not even a detailed tax cutting proposal, not even a paean to anti-missile defense or a rant against Iran. The strategy here seems crystal clear--indeed, it was stated today by McCain's campaign manager, "Issues don't matter." The Republicans are gambling that John McCain's inspiring biography will overcome the overwhelming--80%--feeling that the country has been moving in the wrong direction. They are gambling that people will turn to Republicans to clean up the mess that Republicans made. And they may be right, but I'd guess the euphoria over John McCain's story will last no longer than the next time most Americans have to pull out their checkbooks and pay the bills.
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