Monday, September 15, 2008

Slick Sarah

And why should she care about things like "the truth"? After all, she, like convicted-cum-pardoned felon Ollie North's fawning secretary Fawn Hall, answers to a "higher authority."

Palin lacks interest in foreign policy, telling the truth :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Commentary
The Straight Talk Express has pulled out of the terminal, and Sarah Palin is nowhere to be found onboard.

She's not even racing for the station.

In her first interview since the Republican convention, the GOP's vice presidential candidate chatted last week with ABC News' Charles Gibson on tax policy and energy policy, on foreign affairs and the Bridge to Nowhere.

In a presidential campaign full of competing and often confusing claims, it left us with no doubt about one fact.

We need a lot more interviews of Sarah Palin.

Tough ones, too. And fast.

We still don't know enough about her, and what we have learned, we're not crazy about.

Palin's next interview, according to reports, will be with Fox News commentator Sean Hannity.


And who will follow up on that Palin love-in? Rush Limbaugh?

America needs a real reporter, not some partisan shill, asking hard, fair questions and hammering away to get straight answers. Because as hard as Gibson tried, straight answers were in short supply during his interview of Palin.
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