Sunday, September 07, 2008

Speaking of going nuclear...

This is NOT what I was talking about.

Risking Armageddon for Cold, Hard Cash -
While everyone has been abuzz about Georgia, the Beijing Olympics and Sarah Palin, perhaps the most important development in the world has been unfolding with almost no attention. India and the United States, along with deep-pocketed corporations, have been steadily pushing along a lucrative and dangerous new nuclear pact, the U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Agreement. Both governments have been working at a fever pitch to get the pact approved by the 45-country Nuclear Suppliers Group, which governs the world's trade in nuclear materials, and before Congress for a final vote before it adjourns this month.
But what do they care? They can quickly retire to underground compounds thousands of feet below the holocaust, compounds no doubt replete with amenities such as pools, spas, hot and cold running women, and gourmet cooking. Your tax dollars at work.

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