Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why is this man in my newspaper?

Honestly, David Brooks just makes shit up and flings it with abandon. I'm sure the Times could get a chimp in diapers to do that for way less money than what they're paying Brooksie.

Media Matters - Ignoring evidence to the contrary, NY Times' Brooks claims Palin made "mortal enem[y]" of Stevens
Summary: David Brooks wrote that Gov. Sarah Palin "made mortal enemies of the two people [Sen. John] McCain has always held up as the carriers of the pork-barrel disease: [Rep. Don] Young [R-AK] and [Sen. Ted] Stevens [R-AK]." Brooks' characterization of Palin and Stevens as "mortal enemies" is undermined by substantial evidence, including a joint Stevens-Palin press conference in July in which Stevens said he has "never known of any animosity between" them and Palin said she had "great respect" for Stevens, as well as Palin's previous service as co-director of a 527 organization bearing Stevens' name.
You really have to wonder why supposedly reputable outfits like the Times employ pathological, lying corporate GOP front men like Brooks and Kristol (and, before them, Safire). It's not as if it exempts them from criticism, even death threats (Ann Coulter, you listening?) from the Right. And I can't believe their bullshit sells papers. Do Sulzberger and Keller get monthly Wingnut Welfare subsidies to keep these assholes on board?

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