Sunday, October 05, 2008

Oh, and did we mention McCain was a POW?

Some never tire of the tire swing...

In Ordeal as Captive, Character Was Shaped -
Hanoi and Vietnam have changed dramatically since the war with the United States ended 33 years ago. But for the Republican presidential nominee, the 5 1/2 years he spent as a prisoner of war had an indelible impact, not just because of the terrible injuries he suffered but because of how the ordeal shaped his worldview.
Unfortunately for John S. McCain, his worldview is as misshapen as the left side of his face. A better, bigger man might have left the Hanoi Hilton with a deepened sense of the horror of war, but McCain emerged with a shrunken, bitter soul and a giant chip on his shoulder. Not to mention a profound sense of entitlement.

McCain is NOT a goooood man.

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