Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's been a while...

But I canna pass up such unconscious irony...

White House Accuses NY Times Of 'Gross Negligence' In Latest Chapter Of Tense Relationship
The Bush White House and the New York Times have a long and contentious relationship - even before he was first elected, then-running mate Cheney referred to the paper's Adam Clymer as a "major-league asshole" in September 2000.

In the latest chapter, the White House went on the offensive today, accusing the paper of "gross negligence," [!!!?!??***!?!* MAJOR IRONY ALERT!!!!!] issuing a 500-word response to Sunday's 5,000-word front-page article about how Bush's belief in unregulated markets directly led to the mortgage meltdown, reports
You look up "gross negligence" in Webster's and you see a fucking big picture of Dubya and his shit-eatin' grin. The man pretended to be president for 8 years and fiddled with his schmeckel while the world burned, and his sycophantic flacks impale themselves on the sharp spike of reality in a suicidal attempt to defend Dear Leader against the slings and arrows of outrageous editorializing? Too rich.

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