Sunday, January 11, 2009

They didn't call him "Dollar Bill" for nothing...

Princeton grad, Rhodes scholar, retired NY Knicks forward, and former US Senator Bill Bradley goes to the free throw line for the Free Market...

[...]I say this is a shock doctrine documentary because it is nearly impossible for me to believe that it is a coincidence that the deficit hawks have put together this slick "non-partisan" documentary and well financed campaign to cut spending at the moment of what many people believe is America's greatest economic peril since the 1930s. They are, quite obviously, attempting to use the crisis to dismantle the social safety net and avoid doing the real work of reforming the financial system. Shock Doctrine 101.

And when I say slick and non-partisan, it really is. The show also featured a panel with none other than the smarmy village saint Bill Bradley[...]
Any more "shock therapy" and they might just manage to kill the patient this time.

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