Monday, January 19, 2009

What the hell...

We're nearly there already!

FDR's grandson to Obama: 'Go for broke' on the economy :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: 44: Barack Obama
NEW YORK -- Frank Roosevelt thinks Barack Obama could learn a thing or two from his famous grandfather -- starting with FDR's mistakes.

Roosevelt, an economics professor at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers and the 32nd president's grandson, said Obama should throw more money at the fractured economy than FDR ever did into the New Deal.

He said Obama should do something his grandfather wouldn't do 77 years ago -- embrace the deficit-spending theories of economist John Maynard Keynes.

"FDR never did get the Keynsian thing, and therefore the whole New Deal effort was not big enough," said Roosevelt, 70. "I mean, it didn't get us out of the Depression, really, until World War II came along, and then government spending really got big enough to really employ everybody and then some."

"I think Obama has to learn from that and forget about balancing the budget," Roosevelt said. "Spend, spend, spend until we've done enough to stop this decline.

"So if I could talk with him I would say go for broke," he said. "Literally, go for broke."
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