Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bleeding Hearts

How heartening to see that our corporate overlords and their viceroys ooze compassion for the working stiff from every pore in their soulless corpses! We must realize, of course, that they care deeply for the hoi polloi, layoffs, outsourcing, benefit cuts and extorted give-backs notwithstanding. And it is undoubtedly their heartfelt concern for employees' rights that drives their opposition to "bullying" unions who would cynically exploit workers by giving them a chance at better working conditions and higher wages. And those emails from Nigeria offering millions in exchange for all your web passwords and personal data? All legit. Square biz!

The Raw Story | Top Forbes editor calls Employee Free Choice Act 'pro-slavery'
Intensifying the polarized rhetoric surrounding the Employee Free Choice Act, a top Forbes magazine editor called the bill "anti-free choice" and "pro-slavery" on Fox News Saturday.

Appearing on Forbes on Fox, Forbes national editor Mike Ozanian also said the bill "would be bad for the economy, bad for jobs, and bad for consumers. It would essentially allow unions to bully people into joining them."

In fact, as the House Committee on Education and Labor says on its website, the Employee Free Choice Act would make the choice between the National Labor Relations Board's secret ballot election process and a card sign-up process "a majority choice of the employees, not the employer."
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