Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let them eat Public Defenders!

I mean if these perps were worth anything to begin with, they would have been born rich, right? And if we grant the right to exculpatory testing, what's next? The right to decent defense counsel?

A society that winks at the deaths of millions of innocents in Iraq can hardly be bothered over injustice involving - what, a few hundred? - innocent convicts.

'Christan nation' my ass.

High Court to Hear DNA Testing Case -
Their stories are familiar, even if their names no longer resonate:

Bruce Godschalk, freed after spending 15 years in prison for rapes he did not commit; Jeffrey Deskovic, wrongly convicted for murder and released after spending nearly half his life behind bars; Kirk Bloodsworth, the Marylander who spent years on death row for murder before the true killer was identified.

They are among more than 200 people nationwide who were freed because DNA tests performed after their convictions showed they could not have committed the crimes.

And they now have joined civil rights groups, some current and former prosecutors, and a convicted Alaskan rapist to urge the Supreme Court to apply constitutional protections for the first time to what the prisoners' lawyers call "arguably the most important development in the history of forensic science: the advent of DNA testing."

They are opposed by victims rights groups; the vast majority of states, which have a patchwork of laws granting DNA access; and the federal government. The governments say that creating a constitutional right to the testing would infringe on states' rights, overwhelm them with frivolous demands and create an endless right of appeal for those convicted of the most violent crimes.
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