Monday, February 23, 2009

Point of no return?

Planet War (
Precisely because the report is so ambiguous, it underscores what is one of the most difficult parts of the Iranian nuclear program: figuring out when the point of no return has been passed.
And what, pray tell, should the free and armed-to-the-teeth-with-nukes world do in response if that point has been passed? Our glorious nation passed that point over 60 years ago, and so far we have been the only ones to use such weapons in anger. Shall we commit preemptive suicide? Or should we bomb ourselves?

We opened Pandora's atomic box, fearing that someone else would if we didn't. We can't put the shit back in that escaped, but we can do something to render harmless the evils that were loosed: declare peace and shitcan all nuclear weapons. The former USSR watched our B36s crisscrossing their airspace and realized that they needed a credible deterrent if they were to survive. Iran's enemies are packing many megatons; who can blame them if they seek a "credible deterrent" as well? Yet there is no clear evidence that they are seeking any such thing at this point. Let's seek a peaceful solution, if a solution is required, and beat our fucking swords into plowshares. If we don't, then may God have mercy on our incinerated souls.

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