Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Liberal is as liberal...


Drank liberally last night; first time in a long time I was able, as a newly unshackled bachelor, to belly up to the bar in the company of like-minded crypto-socialist, fascist, multicultural, multilingual, Marxist, nihilist, infralapsarian, anarchistic, freedom-hating, licentious LIBERALS!!!! Saw some familiar faces, met some truly cool new friends, and, in general, had a blast.

You too may experience this blessing. If you are unfortunate enough to live outside of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, go to to find a chapter near you. If, however, you are one of the chosen - the few, the proud, the loud, the Philadelphians! - you should head down to the Triumph Brewing Company at 117 Chestnut Street on any Tuesday at 6:00 PM. A great time will be had by all. Youse follow? Or do I hafta slip youse my left fer a convincer?