Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The truth will out

There are those who seek to know the truth
And those who seek to still it.
True seekers ponder what is sooth
While killers try to kill it.
In numbers great
Or numbers small
The killers seek to smash it all
For hatred's sake
For mammon's call
The killers work as those in thrall
To powers dark
In towers tall.

What towers, you ask?
Well, shit
Who amongst us hasn't seen
The glistening tower
Known far and wide as
The Newscorp Building
In New York
That bastion of decadent liberalism?
Rupert Murdoch has his minions
Jerk him off as he gazes upon
His great, naturalized-American colossus.
And Mellon Bank?
No towers have they?
Those rich-ass motherfucker have towers to spare.

But what watchman in what tower watches out for the rest of us?
None, I fear.
It behooves us
To look out for ourselves.
And our brothers and sisters.
And remember
Inasmuch as you have befriended my family
My brothers
My sisters
Aunts and uncles
Cousins, no matter how many times removed
You have befriended me
Saith the Lord.

Because the day will come
When the truth will out
And every evil deed in every dark corner
Will be exposed by the light of truth.

Hasten that day
Even though it will mean that all of us
Regardless of race
Skin color
Political connections
Net worth
Will face the Supreme Judge.