Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WAR --- HUH! (Good God y'all)...


Uh... absolutely big bucks for the Masters of WarTM that pull the strings of their Washingtonian marionettes. Raytheon! O! Raytheon! How many millions per kill did'ja make for the recent fusillade of Tomahawks in our newest and bestest war for FreedomTM and PeaceTM and Good Shit Like ThatTM in Libya? Even if ya kill't nobody, how much did'ja make? And even if ya kil't only women and children an' suckling babies, how much did'ja make? What will the quarterly report say? Will the shareholders weep or rejoice? And if they weep, will it be for the slaughter of innocents or for the loss of earnings? And if they rejoice - well, how can any human being with at least a shard of their soul left stand with those who rejoice in the death of innocents?

Never underestimate the depravity of humankind when real money is on the line.