Saturday, March 25, 2006

Protocols of the Elders of Clinton, Take 2

Bill C: What are we going to do tonight, Hill?
Hill C: Same thing we do every night, Bill...try to take over the world!

Those nefarious Clintons...secretly manipulating both the left and the right with evil hypno-beams that shoot invisibly from their eyeballs...all to further their goal of world domination. Hillary even has the power to call forth black helicopters from hell's gaping maw to spy on her enemies.

The Raw Story | GOP challenger claims Hillary's spying on her
A former Pentagon official gunning to be the Republican nominee to run against Hillary Clinton claims that the New York junior Senator is using helicopters to spy on her, according to a story on the front page of Saturday's New York Post, RAW STORY has found.

Kathleen McFarland, a first time candidate for office, is reported to have "stunned a crowd of Suffolk County Republicans on Thursday" with her claims.
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