Friday, March 24, 2006

'Red America' gets a bloody nose

And I say good riddance to bad baggage. Whatever possessed the WaPo to hire this hapless hack with no journalistic cred is beyond my ken. My Barbie couldn't figure it out either.

'Red America' Blogger Resigns
A 24-year-old conservative blogger hired by The Washington Post Co.'s Web site resigned today, three days after his debut, amid a flurry of allegations of plagiarism.

Ben Domenech, an editor with Regnery Publishing, relinquished the part-time position hours after a liberal Web site posted evidence that he had plagiarized part of a movie review he wrote for National Review Online. Previous allegations of plagiarism about Domenech's writing for the College of William Mary student newspaper surfaced Wednesday, but the 2001 review was the first instance found since he attended college.
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