Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dropping The Mask

What Glenn says.

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Time to stop feeling guilty and start really bombing

[major snippage]

To sit and listen to people who have spent the last three years piously lecturing us on the need to stand with "the Iraqi people," who justified our invasion of that country on the ground that we want to give them a better system of government because we must make Muslims like us more, now insist that what we need to do is bomb them with greater force and less precision is really rather vile -- but highly instructive. The masks are coming off. No more poetic tributes to democracy or all that sentimental whining about "hearts and minds." It's time to shed our unwarranted white guilt, really stretch our legs and let our hair down, and just keep bombing and bombing until we kill enough of them and win. Shelby Steele deserves some sort of award for triggering that refreshingly honest outburst.
If you wait long enough, the full moon will rise and the warbloggers will transform visibly into the hideous, bloodthirsty, inhuman monsters they really are inside. At bottom, for all their puffery about "spreading democracy," their take on foreign policy can be summed up neatly as follows: "Bomb 'em all--let Allah sort 'em out."

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