Thursday, July 27, 2006


Have the Dobsons, Fallwells, Bauers, Reeds, DeLays, and Bushes of the world asked themselves that question lately? And, if they have, are they willing to hear the answer? The smart money is on "no" and "no" [comments in brackets are mine].

Clergy too quiet about Bush, war |

So, I ask you, clergy, where is your voice? [Are you willing to be the voice crying in the wilderness, if necessary, like John the Baptist? Oh, wait...he lost his head--literally.]

• WWJD about a war initiated on deception in which, every day, men and women — American, Iraqi, Afghani and others — are dying?

• WWJD about so many of our leaders who loudly proclaim their Christian faith and devotion to God to gain our vote, then, once elected, lie and cheat and deceive? [WWJD about Machiavelli?]

• WWJD about a government that places more importance on corporate profit than on the environment or the welfare of its citizens? [One cannot serve both God and Mammon.]

• WWJD about a government that closes its eyes to so many countries where every day thousands of men, women and children die from diseases that can be easily prevented with affordable, accessible medicines? Or a government that protects the obscene profiteering of its medical and pharmaceutical corporations while hundreds of thousands of its own citizens are unable to afford medical insurance and treatment and die needlessly? [Better for them to have a millstone tied around their necks and for them to be thrown into the sea than for one of these little ones to be harmed by their greed.]

• WWJD with those of us who cry "traitor" and "un-American" at anyone who even so slightly questions our motives in the Middle East, even a mother whose son died there?

Where is the logic in fighting a war on terrorism with every terrifying weapon available to us, just short of nuclear bombs? I'm fairly certain Jesus had a clear position on this. [Yep... blessed are the peacemakers...he who lives by the sword dies by the sword...]
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