Saturday, August 25, 2007

Slime and the Family Stone Redux

How many rocks did Roger's parents have to turn over before they found him?

Mover, Shaker, And Cranky Caller? -
Roger Stone has been accused of some nasty and colorful acts of political skulduggery during his 36-year career as a GOP operative, and to most of those accusations he will happily plead guilty as charged. But the latest, and perhaps nastiest, allegation is one that he flat-out denies.

No, he insists, that is not his voice on an answering-machine message left a few weeks ago for Bernard Spitzer, the 83-year-old father of the Democratic governor of New York. Nope, that is not Stone denouncing the governor as a "phony" and a "psycho" and using an earthy adjective that can't be printed in this newspaper. And seriously, that is not Stone predicting that unless the elder Spitzer cooperates in a possible investigation into campaign loans he made to his son in 1994, "you will be arrested and brought to Albany."

Nuh-uh. Even if private investigators say the call came from Stone's home phone number.
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