Saturday, September 01, 2007

All your BVDs are belong to us

Fighting them over there so they can crank call us over here.

FBI Looks Overseas After Threats Phoned to Stores, Banks in U.S. -
CLEVELAND, Aug. 31 -- The FBI is looking overseas for suspects who have phoned bomb threats to more than 26 grocery stores, banks and discount stores in 17 states, including Virginia.

The callers have threatened to set off a bomb unless store employees wire money to an account abroad. At a Dillons grocery store in Hutchinson, Kan., the caller ordered customers and workers to take off their clothes and threatened to force them to cut off a manager's fingers.
In related news, Frank's Tobacco Shoppe in Fargo, ND received a disturbing call asking them if they had Prince Albert in a can.

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