Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Little Sperm That Shouldn't Have

Chris Wallace, son of Mike, that is. The little turd isn't worthy to sharpen Bill Moyers' pencils.

Think Progress
But on Thursday, Rick Byrne, Director of Communications for Bill Moyers Journal, wrote that the show repeatedly tried to contact Rove. It never received a response:
For the record, Bill Moyers did ask Karl Rove to come on BILL MOYERS JOURNAL, by fax and by mail. These requests were made before Chris Wallace responded on-air on Fox News Sunday to Bill Moyers’ letter, and we still haven’t heard from Karl Rove.
Wallace should have spoken to Moyers and asked him if he tried to contact Rove, before baselessly accusing him of sloppy journalism. “That’s reporting 101.”
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