Wednesday, February 27, 2008



there wuz Whiskey in yer Water
Prozac in yer Tea

perhaps you'd have peace and prosperity

but "sober" men are ever bloodthirsty

sure of their goals, they don't wanna see

The pain and anguish
Of collateral ciphers
No, ever certain
Smooth as vipers
They slink and slither through the grass
And bite and poison while kissing ass -

Necrotic souls are easy to suborn
Why harvest when they sacrifice their corn?
We who walk behind the rows
We who reap what another sows
Why think when we tell you what you knows?

Is there an answer? This I ask -
To find it, aye, there be the task.
Be it at the bottom o' that cask?

Admiral Halsey built a fine fleet
Turkey trots to water;
The world wonders.