Thursday, February 28, 2008

Speak no ill of the dead

But erudite is as erudite does....

Erudite Voice of the Conservative Movement -
William F. Buckley Jr., 82, the intellectual father of the modern American conservative movement, who helped define its doctrines of anti-communism, military strength, social order and a capitalist economy, died yesterday at his desk in his Stamford, Conn., home. He had diabetes and emphysema, but the precise cause of death has not been determined.
Perhaps the multiplying villainies of nature did swarm upon him...

I wish Mr. Buckley no ill, but it must be said, though he be dead: would you eulogize a deceased Nazi Death Camp Commandant as a good family man even though he gassed Jews in his day job? Bill Buckley may have been an upright, churchgoing family man by night, but he was a racist, fascist douchebag by day. And that will forever be his legacy.

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