Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Dunce Cap for the Conehead

Hillary's speech deemed a "home run" by everyone! ...almost. The Washington Post's resident Keebler Elf, Little Dickie Cohen, with all the insight of a blind mole rat, pierces the finely crafted rhetoric of Mrs. Clinton's four-bagger of a speech and spots the ineluctable fatal flaw: Hillary didn't make nice-nice nicely or effusively enuf to Obama!

When You Can't Say Something Nice - PostPartisan - Quick takes by The Post's opinion writers
Here’s an item for Guinness World Records: After what seemed like 1,001 Democratic primary debates, and all the time she spent with him in Senate meetings and caucuses and fundraisers and the Green Rooms of countless television studios, Hillary Rodham Clinton could not come up with one -- not one! -- anecdote to commend Barack Obama to the American people. Instead, she said that Obama, like she, supports health care.


It was necessary to humanize Obama -- to say, in effect, “You know me, and I know Barack Obama, and I like him.” She could have told a story. She could have said that, despite their drawn-out battle, she got to respect and admire him. She could have… Oh, never mind. The point is that she said no such thing, and then, to the cheers of the thousands and the indifference of millions, she left the stage.

It was a smashing night for John McCain.

I'm sorry, folks... Cohen is a fossilized turd. I mean, by almost all accounts it was a night filled with rousing speeches - Hillary's in particular - and enthusiasm, yet Little Dickie declares that it actually John McCain who won the evening. I 2 kan haz op-ed kolum en teh Washingtun Powst?

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