Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shailagh of the Dead

Shailagh Murray (aka the Devil - just ask Atrios) does her damndest to keep the Zombie Lie alive. How many times do we have to shoot this fucking thing in the head before it finally dies and stays dead? For the last time (not! I'm afraid), Bob Casey Sr. was disinvited because HE REFUSED TO ENDORSE THE CLINTON-GORE TICKET, assholes! As others have pointed out, there were other "pro-life" speakers at the 1992 convention who supported the nominee and his running mate. So WTF has changed, Shailagh? NUTTIN, at least as far as abortion rights are concerned. But once a meme gets fired into the empty skull of a corporate media stooge, it richochets around forever. Regular perpetual stupidity machines, these reporters.

Casey Speaks to a Changed Party | The Trail | washingtonpost.com
In 1992, the Pennsylvania senator's father, the late Gov. Robert Casey Sr., was shut out of the Democratic National Convention because, Casey said, his pro-life views conflicted sharply with the pro-choice position of the party's nominee, Bill Clinton (Casey also wasn't a Clinton fan). His son, a freshman senator, shares his father's views but is an enthusiastic supporter of Sen. Barack Obama.
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