Sunday, August 10, 2008

From the "WTF" files

Like a bunch of Pavlovian test dogs, our corporate media start drooling whenever Barack Obama does something they sense some Republican asshole in East Bumfuck might take offense at. Like taking some time off to GO BACK HOME AND VISIT HIS GRANDMA!!!! But she lives in Hawaii, so HE MUST BE ELITIST!!! Not at all like good-ole boy John "BBQ" McCain, who flies on his filthy-rich beer heiress mistress-cum-wife's jet and owns more houses than God and attended an elite prep school and got into Annapolis as part of the well-known but little publicized affirmative action program for snotty scions of rich and powerful families. Just like his good buddy and fellow everyman, George "Unca Bubba" Bush.

Don't any of these pampered pundits have, after all the shit they've been called on and caught at, any decency? Any shame? Any concern for anyone but themselves? Any conscience, fer Chrissakes? After helping the disaster known as "the Bush presidency" get rolling in 2000 and doing their damndest to book it for a second run, mightn't they feel just a wee pang of remorse, maybe a smidge of compunction - enough, maybe, to give them pause before doing it FOR A THIRD TIME?!?? Seems not.

Targeting Obama for his choice in vacation spots - The Carpetbagger Report
Stephen Hess, a presidential historian with the Brookings Institution, added, “Anybody who picks on him for going to Hawaii is really looking for something to pick on.”

If the argument is that Obama is somehow lazy for taking a break, let’s not overlook the fact that John McCain has taken almost every weekend off for months.

If the argument is that Obama is elitist for visiting Hawaii, let’s not overlook the fact that McCain is extraordinarily wealthy, flies on his wife’s private jet, and has multiple homes around the world.

The Republican National Committee, meanwhile, mocked Obama for having attended the “Punahou School, a coeducational college preparatory day school, from 1971 to 1979. The school campus covers 76 acres at the edge of the Manoa Valley.” Apparently, the argument is, people shouldn’t vote for Obama now because he received a scholarship to a pretty exclusive high school a few decades ago.

If the RNC really wants to judge a candidate on the exclusivity and acreage of his/her high school, it’s probably worth keeping in mind that McCain “attended his own fancypants prep school, Episcopal High School, which sits on 130 acres. Something tells me he wasn’t on scholarship, either.”
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