Sunday, August 10, 2008

Liberal is as liberal reports

One of the biggest threats to the future of this experiment in representative democracy known as the United States has to be the near-total suborning of the fourth estate by insatiably greedy mega-corporations. Journalistic integrity is now just a "quaint notion" like the Geneva Conventions - the bottom line is all that truly matters. Newsrooms are bullied and manipulated (or starved) into obedience by overpaid, bean counting execs with all the journalistic acumen of a cow pie; boat rockers are thrown overboard while good soldiers (pardon my mixed military metaphor) get moved ever further up the ladder.

But - thankfully - there is a meaningful* way to respond. We can all take a major dump smack in the middle of the latest trash masquerading as our daily newspaper, fold it up again, box it, and send it back to the publisher. One cow pie deserves another.

*Frustrated sarcasm, there.