Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tweakergate and Right-Wing Hate

No credible threat, huh? A few furriners with plans to disassemble the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch merit an Orange Alert, but ofay meth heads in Denver with a Texas Tower Toolkit and Nazi credentials are nothing to worry about.

Nazi link in 'plot to assassinate Obama' - News
THE three men arrested over a reported plot to kill the US Democratic presidential candidate, Barack Obama, have ties to the white supremacist group Aryan Nations, police said last night.


It is said the group planned to shoot Mr Obama during his convention acceptance speech, to be delivered outdoors at a football stadium tomorrow night – the anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous "I have a dream" address. While federal agents are downplaying the plot as being of "no credible threat" to Mr Obama, the discovery of such a plan – and the way it was discovered – are certain to raise security concerns over the man who could be the next president of the United States.


In the back of the vehicle, officers found two high-powered rifles, one with telescopic sights, a spotting scope, a flak jacket, camouflage clothing, a bulletproof vest, boxes of ammunition, three fake identity cards, two wigs, two walkie-talkies and a quantity of the drug methamphetamine, a form of speed known as crystal meth.


The evidence suggests a well-planned assassination attempt, with weapons assembled, a truck rented and hotel rooms booked in a town where most accommodation was full months before the convention.
Remember this guy?

He was a tweaker too, you know.

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