Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wingnut Welfare Reform NOW!

Rachel Maddow gets it.

Jumping Jack Rachel Maddow | PEEK | AlterNet
It was a cute scene, Rachel Maddow jumping up and down on the stage, her exuberant, comfortable self coming out amidst her progressive stalwarts and Air America cohorts at the Big Tent. "How freaking awesome it is to be here at the Democratic Convention and with all you progressives," she yelled.

She reminded the audience at the Air America Radio/Progressive Book Club super author panel: "The right wing still has this massive infrastructure that funds think tanks and pays writers and buys up tons of books, too often dominating the public dialogue. What we have is great authors, and a small, but kick-ass progressive media, but we've got to keep working until we have an omni media."
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