Sunday, August 03, 2008


Yes, it's Uebergal! Strange visitor from the planet BENTON - who, disguised as Ann Thrax, a mild-mannered coffee wench for a great metropolitan TV network, is invulnerable to all manner of attack, except for the sinister compound [gasp!!!] BENTONITE!!! Her arch-nemesis, Lex Limbaugh, desperately seeks to steal the cache of this dread substance stored in the subterranean vaults beneath the HQ of Thrax's employer -- ABC!

All kidding aside, some of these motherfuckers ought to be sent to the slammer to have their horizons expanded for all the harm they've done to millions - literally MILLIONS - of their fellow human beings. Scum.

Journalists, their lying sources, and the anthrax investigation - Glenn Greenwald -
In comments, Jestaplero, a New York state prosecutor, argues that it's highly likely that Brian Ross' "bentonite" sources are material witnesses who committed obstruction of justice (since the false Iraq story came from the same lab where the attacks originated and thus was designed to distract investigators away from the true culprits), and Ross could easily be compelled to disclose those sources for that reason alone (just as Judy Miller was compelled to disclose her sources in the Plame case).
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