Monday, August 25, 2008

Why is this man on my TeeVee?

Glenn Beck is a bad joke that's already been told - badly - far too many times. How can any human suck as egregiously as Beck does and still be welcome in polite company? Mothers should shutter their windows and children in the street should throw stones at him whenever he walks by, yet he gets a TV show, radio gigs, and guest appearances on supposedly respectable outlets like GMA. Damn. Wingnut Welfare reform NOW!

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[Glenn Beck says:]

What can you to help? Take part in our carbon ONset program. We are asking you to make just a few small sacrifices to completely wipe out any potential energy savings the Democrats claim credit for. (By ‘energy savings’, we mean buying their way out of the energy they’ll use by flying in tens of thousands of people to a city so they can announce Barack Obama as their candidate. Seems like most people already knew that, but I digress).

Sign up for our carbon ONset program. Use more energy for mother nature. Do it for the earth (or more accurately, the people living on it.)
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