Monday, September 08, 2008


Krazy Kampaign Karl purely loves him some libelous lies. Remember when he wrote online about metrosexual John Kerry and his manicure? Lies manufactured out of whole cloth (probably from a hand-me-down Klan robe). Obama throws out flags after the DNC? Peyote-induced hallucination, no doubt, also completely untrue. And now Palin lied but it doesn't count because she "unlied" in the end? But remember - it's FAUX News we're talking about.

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CAMERON: The Obama campaign is accusing the McCainiacs of lying about this “bridge to nowhere” issue. But Sarah Palin can point to a number of things she did and said that made it clear that in the end she was against it. You can’t dispute that, she ultimately told legislators in Alaska, it’s not coming. But there was a time before she was governor, as a candidate, where she spoke favorably about it.
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