Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Well-meaning Pollyannas

Ah, me... where to start?

Daily Kos: Quarantine Time for the Chicken Littles? (Updated)
When you say things like “Obama has to start hitting” all you’re doing is demonstrating that you haven’t paid attention all year long to the repeated steps of absorbing a blow, playing rope-a-dope, and waiting for the moment when the opponent inevitably overshoots to connect with an effective smackdown.
First, stop insulting those you disagree with. Those of us who have called for a harder-hitting approach aren't "stupid." There's no need to show how macho you are, not to mention self-righteous, by copping a superior attitude. Get real and get humble.

Second, not everyone has the time or the talent to come up with "two good ideas" for every criticism. Kudos to those who can, but it's simply a non-sequitir to state that pointing out a problem is worthless unless accompanied by a well-though out solution. To yell "look out, you idiot!" when a beer truck is bearing down on someone is quite helpful even if you don't describe two different ways to do it. In plainer terms, it's tired management seminar bullshit employed primarily as a defensive dodge to deflect criticism and duck responsibility. Sharpen your thinking skills.

Third, your blanket condemnation of all suggestions that "Obama has to start..." doing something is overly general, as would be similar criticism of suggestions that "Obama has to stop" something. Are you an expert in psychology, sociology, political theory, and advertising? No? Neither am I, nor are most of us. But some of us have been around for a while and get this sick feeling of deja vu when we hear Joe Biden calling John McCain "admirable." How can you turn around and accuse him of lying (which he plainly is) after you just gave him a tongue bath? Tactically and strategically dumb. In addition, I've been paying attention to the campaigns ads and mailings. It is only very recently that the campaign has deployed the "L" word; they should have been in front of the McCain campaign with this and put them on the defensive. Now it's the other way around.

Fourth, back to the insult thing. What do you hope to accomplish by calling those who disagree with you "useful idiots" and "unwitting tools"? How the fuck can an army win if there are some in the ranks who like to shoot their fellows? Stop that shit - NOW. Better yet, save it for the McCain camp. We can duke it out in the pub while we're on leave, but secure that shit when in the field. Friendly fire is the last thing we need.

Fifth, and finally, I know your intentions are good. For that, I'll be happy to eat my words and buy you a beer after we win.

UPDATE: "Rope-a-dope"? No more hackneyed sports metaphors, OK?

UPDATE II: OK, one more. All right, maybe more than one. But you started it! "Rope-a-dope" is fine if you can wear your opponent out, but corporate America's big bucks are in McCain's corner. It's also fine if you can get the decision, but the refs and the judges are crooked. We need a knock-out to win.

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