Monday, September 08, 2008

Corsi hasn't crawled back under his rock yet?

Media Matters - Corsi suggests Obama might create government dept. to censor books critical of him
Author Jerome Corsi, in a September 7 "WorldNetDaily Exclusive" article responding to the Obama campaign's rebuttal of his falsehood-laden book The Obama Nation, suggested that Obama might create a new department of the government to censor books critical of him if elected president. Corsi wrote, "By placing 'Unfit for Publication' as the title of the mock-book, does the Obama rebuttal mean to suggest an Obama administration might have a censorship department in which a book critical of a President Obama might be banned from publication?"
Sorry, slimeball, but rebuttal is first one of the wonders of free speech and second completely called-for when in response to blatant lies. Nothing about the Obama campaign's scathing but accurate fisking of your garbage even remotely hints at censorship.

If you can't stand the critique, stay away from the Selectric.

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