Monday, September 08, 2008

Ollie Ollie Foxen Putz...

The man should be doing 20-to-life getting his horizons expanded. I hope every man, woman, and child who died at the hands of the Contras gets to flay Ollie skinless in the next life.

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For weeks, the U.S. military has denied charges that its Aug. 22 attack on Azizabad, Afghanistan killed scores of civilians, despite the fact that Afghan witnesses, the United Nations, and other other human rights and international officials all say roughly 90 villagers were killed. Yesterday, the military reversed course and requested an investigation into the strike in light of “emerging evidence.” Part of that evidence is cellphone images showing “at least 11 dead children,” according to the New York Times.

Reporting the military’s shift, the Times of London revealed that the U.S. had been relying on accounts from an embedded journalist: Fox News’s Oliver North:
The US military said that its findings were corroborated by an independent journalist [!!!!] embedded with the US force. He was named as the Fox News correspondent Oliver North, who came to prominence in the 1980s Iran-Contra affair, when he was an army colonel.
Relying on North for a “fair and balanced” view is a major mistake.
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