Saturday, September 06, 2008

LIARS!!!!! Part 4

They even lie about stupid, albeit innocent mistakes, even after they admitted it was a mistake:

McCain and the Green Screen - The Caucus Blog -
This is the tale of two namesake buildings.

One is the sprawling army hospital, where thousands of wounded soldiers returning from war zones go to receive medical care. The other is a 2,100-student middle school in North Hollywood, Calif., part of the vast Los Angeles Unified School District.

Both carry the name Walter Reed, but only one got prime-time exposure during Senator John McCain’s speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night.

Can you guess which one?

It turned out to be a banner night for the Southern California junior high, known for its gifted and talented program. A photograph of the school appeared for several minutes on the giant video screen behind Senator McCain as he delivered one of the most important speeches of his career. Its lawn provided a glaring green backdrop that didn’t exactly flatter Mr. McCain when the screen turned a bright green without any buildings in the background — at least to television viewers.


The changing image-screen was linked to the American thematics of the speech and the public school was simply part of it,” Mr. Bounds said, adding that during the speech, Mr. McCain “called for public education reforms that empower parents and students before bureaucrats and labor unions.”
Remember, there is a sure way to tell when a GOP political operative is lying: their lips are moving.

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