Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ministry of Propaganda

We already know FOX is the unofficial propaganda outlet of the GOP, but now MSNBC has become a fellow-traveler as part of its "act of contrition" for having the audacity to speak the truth. Still believe in the "liberal media"? Have I got a deal on an antique bridge in NYC for you!

Media Matters - Over five-day period, Fox News provided far more campaign stump time to Republicans than to Democrats
Summary: Of the total time Fox News devoted to unfiltered campaign clips between September 5 and September 9, 78 percent was of the Republican candidates and their surrogates, with 22 percent devoted to the Democrats. Moreover, all three cable networks devoted more airtime (significantly more in the cases of Fox News and MSNBC) to, and broadcast a significantly greater number of, clips of the Republican candidates and their surrogates campaigning than of the Democratic candidates and their surrogates on both Fridays after the two national conventions.
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