Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rupe's dupes

The Post is little more than FOX News on shit paper - a shameless propaganda rag. Why else would they be giving it away for free on Manhattan street corners?

Media Matters - NY Post editorial falsely claims Obama "once insisted that U.S. forces invade Pakistan" and "opposes sanctions" against Iran
Summary: The New York Post falsely claimed that Sen. Barack Obama "once insisted that US forces invade Pakistan" and that he "opposes sanctions" against Iran (emphasis in the original). In fact, Obama has never said he would "invade Pakistan." Also, he has stated that he favors sanctions on Iran and introduced legislation to enable state and local governments to divest from Iran.
Your modern GOP (and don't even suggest that The Post isn't an unofficial party organ): dumping truth in the shitter, one flush at a time.

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