Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The hard bigotry of low IQ Repukes

Comments sprinkled liberally in [brackets].

College Republicans director resigns over post -- themorningcall.com
Adam LaDuca, 21, of Allentown said he was only trying to spark debate among friends when he wrote on his Facebook page that the Democratic presidential candidate has ''a pair of lips so large he could float half of Cuba to the shores of Miami.''

He also called the late Martin Luther King Jr. a hypocrite.

LaDuca, who is white [No shit, Sherlock!], resigned last week as executive director of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans after excerpts of his Facebook page were reposted on the PA Progressive blog, written by John Morgan, a Democratic committeeman in Berks County.

The college group's state chairman, Anthony Pugliese, 22, said he asked LaDuca to resign after reading the blog. [And the moral of the story is: It's OK as long as you don't get caught.]

''We do not accept [anyone who exposes our] racism [to the general public],'' said Pugliese, a senior at West Chester University. ''The Republican party at times gets a bad rap for condoning racism, and that's 100 percent false. [We should ALWAYS get a bad rap for condoning racism, not just sometimes.]''

The Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans oversees chapters of College Republicans at universities and colleges across Pennsylvania, and has the ability to revoke a club's charter. Within the Republican party, College Republicans are relied on to rally support among college students and to register voters on campus.

After posting the comment about Obama's lips on his Facebook page July 27, LaDuca followed up on the page with the remark ''if sayin' someone has large lips is a racial slur, then we're ALL [us GOP bigots are] in trouble.'' [And if someone is stupid enough not to know such remarks are racist, their GPA is in big trouble.]

LaDuca's Facebook page was still visible Friday.

LaDuca admits the comments Morgan reposted were his, but denies that he is racist. [Why, some of my best friends are nig... black!] He says economist Thomas Sowell, who is black, is one of his heroes.

''I have eight of his books and I think he's brilliant and he's a black man,'' LaDuca said. ''If I were racist, would I be reading this stuff? If I were racist, I wouldn't idolize Colin Powell and Condeleeza Rice.'' [And if I were racist, I would post racial slurs about big lips on... oh, shit, I did didn't I?]
The racist who admits he's a racist is a rare bird, usually plumed in white with a pointy head. Closet racists and clueless racists are far more common and are to be found largely in Republican flocks. They are distributed widely across the United States, but can be found in greater numbers in the South. Care should be taken when approaching them, because they are notorious peckers.

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