Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin - by those who know her best

Glenn Greenwald -

As a Wasilla councilman put it at the time:
Palin offers no management qualifications, basing her campaign on the buzzword planks and the political might of the far-right Republicans. She obtained endorsement by the NRA. Why is the Republican Party so interested in local elections? Why is the NRA involved in such a contest? The three council seats up this year also saw challengers running on the basis of the Republican Party platform, using the same tactics.

I would never suggest that an individual or organization refrain from participating in any election, but I had hoped this valley and Wasilla could avoid the nationwide tendency that sees such elections become more and more partisan. Bad enough that state decisions are made more often on the basis of party politics and in party caucuses. We don't need that at the local level.
Watch in shock and awe over the next two months as facts like these get bludgeoned to death by the clubs of GOP paleolithic politics.

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