Friday, September 05, 2008

Take and read... take and read...

St. Augustine says so. Go read the whole thing. I wish I'd written it.

Firedoglake » Open Letter to Network and Cable Pundits: This Is Not A Game
In an effort to seem neutral, unbiased and comfortably afloat above the messy rubble of everyday life, you, our professional journalists and media commentators, often act as if the deceptions, deceits and hypocritical poses of the politicians you cover are content-less strategic or tactical moves in a game without consequences. You like to think it's chess, but that really overstates the difficulties of politics. Politics is more like dodgeball played with rocks. There's only a couple of possible moves at any given time. Duck or throw. It doesn't take genius to succeed. In fact, smarts can get in the way. It's better to possess a certain unthinking brutalism, a brutalism you ought to condemn. Instead, you are too often mesmerized by it.
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