Friday, September 05, 2008

Poor, noble Maverick

Those Latino ingrates! They're not giving the Maverick the love he deserves for throwing them to the nativist wolves!

Media Matters - Rather than noting immigration reversal, Todd claimed McCain "is not getting votes that his record deserves" from Hispanics
Summary: Interviewing McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, who touted Sen. John McCain as differing from his party in his support for immigration reform, NBC's Chuck Todd failed to note that McCain reversed himself on a key component of immigration reform, aligning himself more closely with the base of his party. Todd also said that McCain "is not getting votes that his record deserves" from Hispanics.
It should be beyond cavil that the true "girly-men" in American politics are the corporate media. They finally get up the nerve to spit it out instead of swallowing; McCain's enforcers come in with Play-Doh brass knuckles on and threaten to break their pencils; they cringe, whining, in the corner; the next day they're back on the skin flute, gulping GOP jism like it was KoolAid.

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