Monday, December 22, 2008

Bush in Bad Odor, says Pew

By way of MoJo, we have the final "Pew!" poll on Dubya's tenure as Chimp in Chief:

MotherJones Blog: Pew Releases "Final Verdict" on Bush
As Bush's reign of error winds down, his supporters are working hard to sugarcoat his legacy, first with the Bush legacy project, and then the "Speech Topper on the Bush Record." But as Karl Rove and Bill Kristol recently discovered when arguing against the motion "Bush 43 is the worst president of the last 50 years," it's an uphill battle.

Pew's "final verdict" shows that Americans aren't falling for these last-ditch efforts. That is to say, only 24 percent of Americans currently approve of the administration, down from a high of 86 percent following 9/11.
Had it not been for 9/11, Bush would almost certainly have left office after only one term as a dismal failure, with relatively little damage done to the fabric of the universe. Unfortunately for the universe (and this one tiny blue speck of a world in particular), the insanity that prevailed - and still prevails in some quarters - after "the day that changed everything" gave Dubya and his cadre a first-term Mulligan plus an entire second term, more than enough time to fuck things up beyond repair. Hell hath no flames hot enough...

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