Sunday, January 18, 2009

Centrism as a proxy for racism?

The party of "Barack the Magic Negro" is apparently desperately seeking an excuse to disqualify Michael "When Oreos Attack" Steele.

Steele: A pro-life, pro-gun moderate? - Alexander Burns -
Michael Steele’s past association with a centrist group connected to former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R) has undermined his standing among social conservatives and is threatening his bid to become chair of the Republican National Committee.

Though the pro-life and pro-gun Steele built a conservative record in his home state, the former Maryland lieutenant governor’s one-time affiliation with the Republican Leadership Council, which religious conservatives view as hostile to their agenda, remains a deal breaker in some sectors of the committee.

“That is an organization that created itself for the purpose of eliminating a very important part of the Republican Party and its family values,” said Iowa Committeewoman Kim Lehman, who supports South Carolina Republican Party Chair Katon Dawson’s campaign. “Michael Steele crossed over a serious line.”

“In that field, the only one that would be my number six out of six choice would be Michael Steele,” said Iowa Committeeman Steve Scheffler, citing Steele’s “past deep involvement with the Republican Leadership Council.


Steele has repeatedly emphasized that he severed ties with Whitman’s group after learning of its socially moderate agenda, and his campaign categorically rejects attempts to label him as a moderate."
Moderate? God forbid!

The GOP has apparently decided to commit seppuku by veering even farther to the right and wearing its racism on its sleeve. I say we loan them the knife.

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