Monday, January 05, 2009

They that live by the sword...


Texas to Pass Two New Laws from the NRA - Kick! Making Politics Fun - A liberal dose of political humor
While the rest of the nation gets ready for some change and finally bridging to the 21st Century, down here in Dumbutt, Texas we are reverting back a few centuries. Texans are Mad. And angry that these Yankee liberals have taken over America. Our recent rise in the sale of guns and ammo is what keeps our Texas economy alive and well, and far ahead of the rest of America. The wussies who want to take our guns away are who we buy them for, if you catch my meaning.

The Texas Legislature is meeting in a few months will be passing two new laws sponsored by the NRA.

You will recall the last NRA sponsored law we passed was called the "Castle Law". This allows Texans (well fat white Texans anyway) to plug unarmed trespassers in the back on our property (or a neighbors' property). No indictments. Pretty cool hey? Lure someone you have a problem with onto your property? Bang, no more problem, how cool is that!

The first new law allows Texans to carry what weaponry they wish in the open; hips, belts, across their backs or waving madly above their heads. After all, open or concealed, what's the difference?

The second law - to go with that first one - follows the NRA logic that if everyone on campus had a gun, then the Virginia Tech massacre would not have happened. So law two is that anyone 21 or older can carry concealed or unconcealed weapons where they please on all Texas University campuses. Touchy feelie college presidents or liberal deans have nothing to say about it anymore. It's our right.

Both this laws are sure to pass as this is.... Well... Texas.
Why in Heaven's name did we hafta go and steal that benighted bunghole from Mexico? VIVE LA REVOLUCION!

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