Sunday, February 01, 2009

Frankly, Scarlett...

...who gives a flying fuck what the GOP thinks?

Senator sees Republican backing for stimulus eroding | Politics | Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate's No. 2 Republican warned on Sunday his party's support for President Barack Obama's economic stimulus bill was eroding and "major structural changes" were needed to win Republican support.

"You have to start from scratch and reconstruct this," Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona told "Fox News Sunday."
It's time for Obama to start delivering on his promise of change, and that can never happen as long as government policy is tethered by Republican intransigence. Cut the fuckers loose or the entire ship of state will be dragged under. And most of us will not go down without a fight.

Do the right (as opposed to the "Right") thing, Mr. President, or you may have to worry about your left flank as well.

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