Sunday, February 01, 2009

No one could have predicted...

...that for-profit incarceration would turn out badly.

West Texas Prison Riot Continues
PECOS, Texas — Law enforcement authorities in West Texas say they are trying to restore order at a privately run federal prison where a riot broke out, the second disturbance in as many months.


A riot erupted there in December over requests for better medical treatment. Minor injuries were reported in that disturbance.

The GEO Group, which runs the lockup, didn't respond to calls Sunday. Prison officials couldn't be reached for comment.

Those inmate ingrates! Who wouldn't just purely love being denied medical treatment and otherwise mistreated by all those smiling, pert, perky corrections officers pictured on the GEO Group's home page? After all, their employer has a bottom line to protect!

No wonder the Zanti sent their misfits to us.

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