Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Triumph of the Ill

Ah, how Leni Riefenstahl would laugh!

First they came for the white collar unions
And I said nothing because, although I sported a white collar, I wasn't in a union
Then they came for the skilled workers and their unions
And I said nothing, cause, I was, like, not a UAW member, y'know?
Then they came for the ILGWU
And I said nothing, because, hey! I ain't a woman, and garments are for fags, no?
Then they came for the public sector employees
And I said nothing, 'cause those lazy bastards get paid more than I do! WTF up widdat?
Then they came for the burger flippers at MacDonalds
And I said nothing, 'cause who cares how little them burger flippers get paid, long as we get our Big Macs, eh?
Then they came for me
And I was too fucking fat and lazy to be moved... so they shot my sorry ass.